Donna O'Hanlon ― Photographer

Glasgow, Scotland

Advertising & Commercial Carbon

"When working with local fashion design graduates – as I have in this project – the first thing I do is ask the designer what the inspiration is behind their collection, in order to create a concept. In this case Jo was inspired by the Memphis Movement – a design concept that originated in Milan in the early 1980’s. The Memphis design provided an ideal platform for creating a mixed media project due to its angular and geometric aesthetic. In addition, the abstract nature of the design concept was a good fit for my style of image making.

The decision to use a pastel colour palette came from the palette of Jo’s collection – she provided me with her intended colour palette. Precision and attention to detail are important to me when making images, therefore Jo’s input on the colour palette was vital.

It was a happy coincidence that Gabriele produced the graphics – being from Milan himself, it seemed fitting that he contribute to a Memphis design concept.

Along with the contributions of Jo and Gabriele, the talent and professionalism of the makeup artists and models allowed me to realise what I had researched and planned to produce. I believe that the contribution of the entire creative team is vital when producing fashion imagery."

Jo Moroney, Gabriele Tropiano, Fiona Park, Lola Bell, Robyn Dodds

Robyn Baillie, Heather Sanford, Sarunas Killius