Tatsunori Ishikawa ― Designer

London, UK

Branding Silver

"Unseen was my final major project for my undergraduate degree. It combines my interests and technical abilities, incorporating generative art, photography, sound visualisation, sound production and graphic design in both digital and analogue. The aim was to brand and promote an imagined electronic music event, ‘Unseen’. 

I placed Lissajous curves – which ultimately would be used as the visual background of the electronic artists as they played – centre stage. These were created using a synthesizer and an analogue oscilloscope, captured using both digital and lm cameras. I designed the poster of the collection of Lissajous curves. The figures below each curve show the synthesizer settings. The audience can put the same figures on the synthesizer displayed at the event venue to recreate the curves. Furthermore, I created the event poster which has a Lissajous curve as a main graphic element.

Lastly, I added animated optical illusion on the invite design. This allows the audience to enjoy the organic movement of the curves by pulling out the inside part of the invite. The work aims to be interactive and engaging and visually striking, providing contemporary, electronic music with a contemporary, visual aesthetic."