There is a salad standing between us

Alice von Gwinner ― Director

Leipzig, Germany

Narrative Carbon

The length of their dining table and the unreachable bowl of salad in the middle of it has become a symbol of their slowly freezing relationship. Today it's finally time for a change of scene. But what do the portraits on the wall think of all this...

"Zwischen uns steht ein Salat" (There is a salad standing between us) is a comical caricature of the problems of two couples. The short film convinces with sharp dialogues, a detail-loving production design, make-up and costume design and an unexpected doubled pointed remark at the end. Note: Judges were given access to full film on order to review and judge.

Dorothea Arnold, Christian Heiner Wolf, Marie Anne Fliegel, Hans Henrik Wöhler

Gisela WehrlConrad LobstSilvia FischerAnna von GwinnerMaika SchörbelUli SeisAnne-Katrin Kiewitt, Lydia Fleischer, Leonhard Kätzel, Varinka Schreurs, Bärbel Zamouril, Elena Hahn, Michael Traub, Max Feldmann, Stefan Wessling, Hanno Kempert, Stefan HannigSebastian NerlichAlina CyranekDavid SchöleyFlorian MarquardtNivre Studio