Stranger Things

Jimmy Fermin ― Photographer

Orlando, FL, USA

Curator Series

"This project has probably been one of many more intentional pieces I will begin to make starting this year that express' me personally. If I can express one of my biggest struggles throughout 2017, it would be social pressure. And not necessarily being pressured to do things I don't want to do, but the pressure of needing to seem perfect to society. 

Needing to live up to everyone's expectations and put on this show or facade that everything in life is alright or perfect when really deep down inside it really isn't. I wanted to make something that would not just reflect this very thing I went through this year, but also others as well. They're people that seem like the life of the party, seem to have life down pact, but sometimes are the very people that struggle with something like suicide (hence the skull on the mans back), or with their faith, and or struggling to battle their biggest enemy... themselves. This piece shows this very thing, we attempt to fake our way through life for a long time, but along the way, our character and image we made begins to crack slowly and slowly, and what's really on the inside starts to really come out. 

Things we struggle with start to seep out into our life, events in life that should shape our character actually break it down even more, and sometimes the very thing that's killing us, is what we hold closest to (like a person with a cigarette). My biggest struggle, especially for last year was always leaving everything on the inside and not opening up, not wanting to inconvenience people, or show I'm just this broken person. Afraid to let anyone in and neglecting myself in the process. But I realized I couldn't do it anymore, as people we are a complicated canvas', full of colors and different patterns. And with us being complicated humans, I knew the only way to live my complicated life (internally) was to live it out with others. 

The people in life you should never put a false image for are friends and family, cause if they truly are, they'll accept you with flaws. Starting this year, I will live that life.

Inspired by Alexander Berdin-Lazursky work 'Lamb Of Future' I wanted to replicate this very concept of angelic mixed in with the technological. It's an amazing idea of old with new, I definitely enjoyed this one."