Hameim El Maghbub ― Designer

Poznan, Poland

Information & UI Bronze
Graphic Carbon
Curator Series

"The digital technological power we have is increasingly growing thanks to all the innovators that always pushing the limits of what computer software can do, and it's creative people's job to take advantage of that power to create new ways of enriching our lives. Scientific theories made around the area of sound and mood suggests that our mood is influenced by the sounds we hear, and our mood has an influence on the music that we choose to listen to.

The mobile application concept introduced here is meant to offer an easy and effective way of finding audio content that suits the user's personal mood in a quick way. it's based on the modern technology and multiple scientific theories. The user interface of this mobile app concept looks modern & simple, in the app the users will be asked to select a "Mood-spot" which reflects their current mood (e.g. very happy & relaxed a bit), and after selecting, the app concept offers multiple suitable choices of music and sounds along with useful features. Few featured are available for the app's users such as "share the current track" or "add the track to playlist" and many more.

The way it works, in short, is that the app imports music and sound files from services like SoundCloud and Spotify, then it analysis the files using the technology of Essentia C++ audio library, then it sorts the sound based on factors such as the tempo and the key to determining each sound files potential mood, so when the user inputs their mood via Soufee the app matches the input with recommended music and sounds."

Maciej Mach

School Of Form