Outside Lands

Owen Gildersleeve ― Illustrator

London, UK

Graphic Gold
Illustration Silver

"I was approached by US promoters Another Planet Entertainment and Superfly to create a poster for the tenth edition of Outside Lands festival in San Francisco. They wanted the poster to be bold and eye-catching, as well as being an item that would work nicely on people's walls so that they could sell prints of it in their shop.

To reflect the festival's diverse selection of music and activities on offer I decided to create a series of playful type solutions, using a bright but selective colour palette. These letters were all handcrafted out of paper, using a range of layers to add an interesting visual depth. The handmade letters were then photographed separately and brought together for the poster in a three-column grid layout to spell out the festival's name, with an addition X to represent the festival’s 10th anniversary."

Caitlin Maloney, Neal Cohen, Jess Rogers

Another Planet Entertainment, Superfly