Andres Marti ― Photographer

Bogotá, Colombia

Styling & Jewellery Bronze
Retouching & Post Carbon
Curator Series

You can see hints of Baroque and Romanticism in the latest photographic series by Andres Marti. Titled “Otredad” (Otherness), the work relates to days that one is understood as a whole and other days that that whole is fragmented. 

“The human is filled and empty in a cycle that I do not understand,” comments Marti; “Emotional events that deform the being until you do not recognize yourself, not even looking in the mirror, but I see through others, in ephemeral moments of introspection.”

His camera has framed self-portraits, but most of these images are of his friends and acquaintances, coloring their noses and eyelids in ruby red like Rembrandt paintings—physically expressing vulnerability of these beings. 

Marti photographs these models, but as he says, “its essence is collage. I mix makeup with post-production, natural and artificial light, real elements with digital. I seek to immerse the character in a timeless universe that plays between reality and fiction.”