Edgar Tescum ― Photographer

Puebla, México

Styling & Jewellery Silver
Curator Series

(Kundera’s) Kitsch
"They made us think that we’re not acceptable; the denial until we are useful… but that become into silence. Society. As we know it's unacceptable to kill but not to silence. So… are they aware of WTF that (to silence us) really means? Please listen to the song La Violencia by Agarrate Catalina, translation.

Mexicano means mexican. Mexican is an identity. An identity that is so huge that everybody can understand. Mexicano's are the richest people in the world but the people are starving. Mexicano is the most powerful: empire, kingdom and republic (at some point); Mexicano is whatever you want (if you know how the fuck to look for it) but is those stuff that you never dreamed or nightmared."

Yahaira Cantú