Laundry Art

Jimmi Ho ― Photographer

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Reportage Carbon

Dry the clothes was originally the most common thing in the daily life. However, living in high-density places of Hong Kong, the space for drying clothes at home has become more and more narrow. Private spaces are often compressed to the limit, which makes the rest of the public space more precious.

"In the 'laundry art' series of photographs, citizens respond to their own needs and discover, create and utilise the public spaces that belong to them. The characteristics of a city are not shaped by urban designers deliberately. The art of clothes drying can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong. Some people carry their own clotheslines by skilfully using ropes and lamp posts, or ingenious use of the environment. It inadvertently adding vitality to public spaces, I sincerely admire the laundry skills and adaptability of Hong Kong residents."