Forms III

Mount Audio ― Composer

London, UK

VFX Carbon
Motion Graphics Carbon
Curator Series

Forms is a collaborative film series devised by London based, creative sound studio Mount Audio. The ongoing project sees Mount team up with leading visual artists each month to create unique audiovisual works.

Forms III explores the sci-fi motion work of LA based, designer and art director Kenneth Robin. Kenneth has reimagined the practice of a secret 19th Century art movement who collected and classified algae. The ‘Diatomists’ would arrange their findings in intricate patterns, viewable only through a microscope.

Inspired by the visual’s dystopian aesthetic, Mount have combined cold, mechanical textures with heavy impacts in a deeply ethereal atmosphere. The soundtrack gently builds, slowly gathering momentum to the point of devastating climax at which point the viewer is pulled back into reality.

Kenneth Robin, Pedro Mendoza