DRL Allianz World Championship 2017

Dazzle Ship ― Designer

Austin, TX, USA

VFX Carbon

Neon environments and high-speed crashes – creating the branding blueprint for the world’s most exciting new sports concept. A fast-paced, full broadcast package for cutting-edge new sports league, The Drone Racing League (DRL). 

"DRL launched it’s 2016 season on sports broadcast channels around the world, our aim was to capture the thrill of the futuristic sport in more than 20 creative assets, ranging from the design identity to broadcast bumpers, lower-third graphics, the DRL leaderboard and digital ads."

Rik Oostenbroek, Ezequiel Grand, Andy Crist, Andy Overton, Jody Mcalavey, Nik Hill, Echoic Audio

Drone Racing League