Aurora Borealis, Van Allen Belt, Interstellar Mission

David Mrugala ― Designer

Seoul, Korea

Graphic Bronze

These audiovisuals display the interactions between Earth's magnetic field, the solar wind and cosmic rays arriving from beyond the solar system. The images are part of the series "Sound of Planets, Stars and Space" (2017). The series reflects on the aesthetics of celestial sounds and attempts to engage the viewer/listener with a unique aural and visual experience of audio patterns. 

The audio data is arranged into circular shapes where the beginning and end disappear, thus the linearity of time cease to exist and the events are isolated into single and timeless shapes. The data for these audiovisuals is measured by specific instruments on various space probes in space, translated and made available in an audible format. 

The audio files for these audiovisuals were carefully researched, selected and are a courtesy of the Radio and Plasma Wave Research Group at the University of Iowa. Each image is accompanied with a video. This ongoing series consists of more than 26 visuals and 20 videos. All audiovisuals are made with code (Processing).

Prof. D. Gurnett