Airbnb AR Map Concept

Isil Uzum Vella ― Designer

Milan, Italy

Information & UI Silver
Curator Series

Augmented reality overlay for settling guests into a rental. Hosts could pin any object or area using their phone's camera and attach notes or videos to them. Guests could then select any of these points of interest listed in their app, navigate to them with directions on their camera view and see any pinned info or instruction as an AR overlay.  

Explaining the place of a first-aid kit or extra towels in a huge house would be both difficult for the host (even if you would have a 2D house map, showing the exact place vertically, say among many cupboards would be impossible) and difficult to find for the guest.

Seeing the amenities list as selectable titles (or pins on AR Map) would also remind the host what info to include. She also could edit the titles or add a new one if not included in listed amenities.