Against All Odds

Monica True ― Photographer

New York, NY, USA

Installation Carbon
Retouching & Post Carbon

"Against all odds was not planned at the time I shot. I did a ballerina series with the model and one of the shots that appeared of her to be levitating sparked my curiosity to experiment with it.

I remember feeling particularly discouraged to continue working in this field. For a woman of my age, at 49 in a domain still mainly dominated by young male jet-setting from place to place, a female close to her third age with family and obligations I feel often trapped between the speed how technology is taking over, how fast new talents and are reveled even with iPhone captured images. 'Against all Odds', standing against the blast of this industry... for how long?

Thiago and I are Brazilian, we met online, he lives in Brazil and I live in the US. We collaborated in many projects before, so after playing a few hours with the image , I created a mock of what the final result could be, he embraced the cause and started working on it."

Maddy Smith, Sidory, Darrell Thompson, Marnae Nae, Thiago Christo