Aoife O'Dwyer

Visual Design Lead

Dublin, Ireland

Aoife (ee-fah) is a designer, illustrator, artist and curator who spends her days leading the visual design on digital UX/UI projects at a top Dublin agency. By night she likes to illustrate curious and intricate portraits that mix extra-terrestrial, microbiomic details with a candy washed palette. Her keen eye for visual patterns and for quickly identifying how artworks communicate visually with each other through colour, pattern, composition & subject matter is put to great use while curating her photography blog 'A Secret Magazine'.

She also helps run online artist group 'Bunny Collective' and contributes as both an active member and lead designer. Since Bunny began in 2013 she has helped curate, install, promote and design for exhibitions in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Helsinki and Manchester and has edited and designed both editions the groups irregularly released print magazine 'Bunny'. The collective has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Dazed and Confused, i-D, AnOther, AQNB and Sant Magazine amongst others.

The rest of her time she spends rounding up some of the best local creative talent for regular doses of inspiration, bants and booze as the local Glug Dublin chapter host.



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